About the Artist


Michal Luch Onyon received a BFA from the University of Utah and along with the influence of her artist parents began a lifetime of creating art. Since childhood, her home has revolved around what was happening in “the studio”. A study of her work will reveal a sense of delight and searching imagination. Her work is always well composed, well considered and carefully crafted as well as being lively. She is inspired by the surprising directness of expression by primitive and folk artists as well as many of the modern artists; however, she is neither a copyist nor an imitator. Rather, she appreciates many art approaches from which she learns and gleans. Her works always heightens and compliments, in a very personal way, the subjects in nature that she chooses to paint. She has been steadily gaining recognition for her bold and colorful work.

Michal began oil painting several years ago after a career in illustration and graphic design. She jokes about her past art lives.” It seems strange to see the logo of a downtown restaurant, an illustration, t-shirt, poster, or a river running catalog done in my past. Fueled by ideas and assignments, I have made giant snowmen and wooden puppets for O.C. Tanner Christmas window displays, designed and painted furniture, constructed recycled art projects with elementary children, and done a ton of sculpey stuff with my own kids. My hobby has been pleine aire watercolors done on almost every vacation for 25 years. I think all these past experiences help me as I discover that painting encompasses more than a lifetime of challenges and ideas. It is a timeless feeling to escape everyday life by trying capture and reinvent from a world so much bigger and varied than we can imagine”.